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Living a life without acne - Natural Remedies

What is

Namely it is easier to cure adolescents than in adultsNot less than 80-90% of adolescents are affected at one time or anotherand more boys than girls.

Acne is a skin disease characterized by the eruption of pimples and reddish lesionsThis can leave scars when it is deep.

We must absolutely avoid scratching as it can keep acne and cause scarring.
Particularly affected are the face and chest, but also the back, scalp or other parts of the body ...

Acne usually disappear during the twenties and thirties, but sometimes it persists.

See how end through natural remedies for acne ...

Excess sebum makes the skin oily and sometimes acne by clogging the duct of the sebaceous glands which facilitates the growth of bacteria PROPRIONI BACTERIUM acnes.
Natural Acne Remedy:
Often excess sebum

Note: When the clogged follicle expands too much, its inner walls break, causing redness and signs of inflammation.

There are various possible causes to the outbreak of acne. It may be the hormonal surge of puberty causes a surplus of sebum production.
Hormonal changes in women are also classified in the possible causes. For some2-7 days before menstruation, acne pimples appear.
A disorder of the function of the ovaries or adrenal glands is rare.
As for a diet rich in refined products, it should be avoided.

To avoid aggravating factors in the fight against acne ...

Natural Acne Remedy

Avoid Fast Food

In some cases, chocolate, sugar, meats, a fast-food diet is a catalyst that must be avoided otherwise make things worse.

For some peopletoo be exposed to grease also has a worse (for example by working in kitchens where there are tanks filled with frying oileffect.

It will also be noted in this chapter discouraged, the sun (the heat probably) that aggravates acne, and the overflow of stress, causing hyper-sebaceous secretion.

Some natural remedies against acne ...

For prevention, eat more foods rich in Omega 3 (fatty fish, flaxseed, walnuts, vegetable oil) tend to reduce inflammation.

Natural Acne Remedy

Focus on fruits and vegetables: 

Prefer a healthy diet (fruits, vegetables). Do not hesitate on garlic, Vitamin C Acerola example. Cabbage, lettuce, turnips and tomatoes are excellent. As algae, kelp and bladderwrack kelp to try.

And always, always drink plenty of water, at least 6 glasses per day ...

To counter acne, zinc reduces lesions as glucomateampoules30 mg of elemental zinc per day.

To beautify the skin, the active beer yeast contains many B vitaminsplus many other vitamins, all excellent for cell regenerationA sprinkle glitter to take your food or tablets. Wheat germ is also regularly consume.

Natural Acne Remedy

Magnesium Chloride is excellent

Clean skin is extremely important in the fight against acne. We must go gently without rubbing the affected parts, 2 times a day. For this, it is very pleasant to use magnesium chlorideapplied, with a cotton pad. Simply dilute about 1 tablespoon in a 250 ml bottleIt helps to cleanse and heal the skin. Very convenient, for example, put in a vacuum flask soap "pushed-pushedcategory. It keeps very well.

And be careful if we have oily hair, washing it often and avoid contact with the face in the endearing, if they are long ...

Turmeric Mask :

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