Sunday, August 31, 2014

Coconut Oil - The Natural Moisture Treatment for your Face

Coconut Oil will moisturize your skin deeply. And it's all natural and healthy. 

1.) Clean your face as usual. Whether you splash water on your face you something, peelst with a brush or cleanse with oil, you should wash your face before anyway. Dab it with a soft towel and prefer not present on the skin - facial skin is sensitive, and pull and tug much they can damage.

2.) Rub some coconut oil to your eyes. Coconut oil is a wonderful cream for upper eyelid and the area under the eyes. It gives these paper-thin skin moisture, improves dark circles and wrinkles. Rub a very small amount around your eyes around, concentrate on areas with wrinkles.

  • You probably only need a pea-sized amount for each eye. Do not use too much. 
  • Avoid to put coconut oil in your eyes. Otherwise, it covers your eye, and obscures your view!
3.) Apply the coconut oil sparingly on to other places. If you have a dry spot between the eyebrows, on the temples or any other place, carry a small amount of coconut oil on there. Rub it with a gentle, circular movements.

4.) Rub coconut oil on your lips. Unrefined coconut oil makes the lips soft and moisturizes. It is perfectly edible, so it's not bad if you swallow a little of it. Coconut oil is actually very healthy.

5.) Rub the coconut oil not on your whole face. In no points, it is useful, but if you rub it on your whole skin, it can clog the pores and lead to breakouts. This is a powerful oil that you should only use in small amounts in places that need it. 
  • When you cleanse with oil, don't use coconut. It can clog the pores. It is better to take a mixture of canola oil and argan oil or other light oil to clean your face.

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