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25 Homemade Economic Natural Face Mask Recipes - Do It Yourself

Beauty masksThere are many and for all skin types: normal to mixed dry, oily, rosacea, dehydrated, congesteddry ...

In general, they extend over the face and neck as a cream and dry for fifteen to twenty minutesthey can be removed with warm water and leave the skin in a state of cleanliness and freshness often spectacular.

Some masks, must be maintained by large gauzeIt is preferred not to extend around the eyes.

For a mask to be effective, it is essential to stay down and motionless for its application, relaxation features are an absolute necessity.

They can be used (as appropriate) dailyevery other dayor once or twice per weekAll cosmetics brands offer soothing masks, cleansing, firming and moisturizingReady, they are generally effective and easy to applyBut we can also prepare masks "house" that do not cost much and are equally effective. 

Just a little time ... and some basic ingredientsHere are some recipes to try miracle (if possible in the absence of eyewitness!).

Purifying mask:
Twenty-five grams of yeast, and a bottom glass of water to diluteLet it soak for thirty minutes in a warm placeWhen inflated, add a spoonful of liquid honeya tablespoon of green clay and half yogurtMix well and apply the mask with your fingers. Leave in place for eight to ten minutes, rinse with warm water and dab your face with rose water to tighten the pores. 

Mask for skin whitening:
Crush quite a few slices of cucumbers (stripped of their skinand mix with fresh milk, forming a paste that you apply on your face for twenty minutes.

Softening mask
Melt a small piece of very fresh lardonce melted and still warm, add thirty drops of tincture of benzoin. Mix and apply for twenty-five minutes. Excellent for faces that have suffered from the cold and wind.

Mask to refine skin texture
Apply to face some very good liquid honeyadded a few drops of lemon juice. Keep for twenty minutes and remove with warm water (for all skin types).

Revitalizing mask (for dull skin) : 

Take a few ripe strawberriesmash them and mix with a tablespoon of corn oil (or sweet almond). Put this "slurry" between two gauze and keep it on the face for thirty minutes. Remove with fresh and warm milk.

Detergent mask! : 
Mix a cool yellow egg with a tablespoon of olive oil and a few drops of lemon juiceApply on face and keep for twenty minutes at leastRemove with warm water, and finish by dabbing with rose water.

Mask to tighten pores 
Mix one packet of yeast pastry with a fresh egg yolk and a tablespoon of olive oil. Extend the creamy paste thus obtained, and keep for twenty-five minutes. Remove with warm water(For dry skin mainly).

Relaxing and toning mask
Make a paste by mixing well large spoonfuls of yeast, with a little rose water. Keep twenty-five minutes(Suitable for all skin types).

Mask for oily skin: 

Mix two tablespoons of good fine clay (also called "fuller's earth") with a small amount of warm water to form a thick paste. Keep twenty minutes, remove with warm water (but not too much)Finish by lotionnant with a little rose water added a few drops of tincture of benzoin.

Mask for irritated skin
Mix two tablespoons of flour with a little raw milkkeep for fifteen minutesremove with warm water, and finish by lotionnant with rose water.

Astringent mask for large pores
Apply as is a fresh egg white, raw and beaten. Keep a good twenty minutes and remove with warm waterThe skin will be found as "ironed". (A counselor to be very fast in style before a party).

 Mask  Anti - shiny nose : 
The pure lard (pharmacy) is excellent for the nose tends to shineKeep thirty minutes.

Mask for all skin types
Mix the yeast with a little rose water. Keep the dough for twenty minutes. Remove with warm water.

Mask to tighten the skin
Mix two tablespoons of cornstarch to a beaten egg white to form a thick paste. Apply and keep for twenty minutes. Once the skin "pulls" a little, rinse with warm water.

Anti-freckle mask
Express the juice of a few large ripe strawberries through a strainerThoroughly mix the juice with a beaten egg white10 drops of tincture of benzoin and 15 drops of rose water. Keep the cream thus obtained on the face for thirty minutes. Remove with a few
drops of tincture of benzoin warm water.
Mask for puffy eyes by fatigue: Prepare a pretty strong infusion of chamomile flowersOnce it has cooled downsoak in 2 packs that you put on your eyes for 15 minutes.

 Rejuvenating Mask (from a very old recipe)
 Mix 100 g of ground beef end with a dessert-spoonful of olive oil and a well beaten egg whiteApply on face and keep for one hour. Rinse thoroughly with cold water.

Easy to tighten skin mask :
Take a fresh, natural yogurt, mix with a tablespoon of liquid honeyLet dry and remove with lukewarm water after twenty minutes.

Relaxing mask (for tired face): 

Mix two large spoonfuls of oatmeal in a bowl of fresh milk, barely warmedAdd a dessert-spoonful of rose water and a few drops of tincture of benzoinApply this "spray" all over your face and hold it with two large gauzeKeep for forty-five minutes and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

 Nourishing Mask
 In winter, when there is more fresh fruitSoak some dried apricots in a little boiling water. Let them swellwhen quite softenedspread them on the face and hold by gauze.

Wrinkle mask 1 
Mix a large spoonful of chickpea flour with a beaten egg white and a little liquid honey. Keep twenty minutes and remove with warm water.

Wrinkle mask 2 
Mix two tablespoons of green clay (in stores regimepharmacies and drug stores) with two tablespoons of corn oilKeep this paste on the face for fifteen or twenty minutes. Remove with warm water.

Wrinkle mask 3 :
Peel almonds and crush them finely in a mortar. Mix one or two tablespoons of witch hazel water. Apply this creamy paste and keep for twenty-five minutes. Remove dry with a washcloth.

 Mask "lifting" for dry skin

On dry skin cream can act as moisturizing maskMix two tablespoons to an egg white mask for a "lifting effect". Let placed 15 minutes, then rinse with a lotion.

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