Thursday, July 12, 2018

+6 DIY cleaning hacks with Coca-cola :

Coca-Cola, the soda par excellence, has already convinced (almost) the whole planet. Consumed at all sauces, it is even sometimes drunk instead of water meals, which causes, we know, serious problems then.

But even occasionally, it is to consume in moderation because its composition rich in acidic chemicals makes it also useful for household chores. Do you drink dishwashing liquid? No. So why do you drink Coke?

6 Unusual/ Practical Uses For Coca-Cola – Proof That Coke Does Not Belong In the Human Body  : 

1- Removes rust:

Corrosion has so attacked your old bolts that they seem unrecoverable to you? As acidic as white vinegar, Coca gives your old tools a second youth.

The mechanical trick to remove rust on the parts of his workshop:

Once a year, combine your tools for a little makeover.
Immerse them in a bucket of Coke for an hour.
Collect your instruments and then immerse them in a bath of soapy water (to eliminate the sugar).
Then rinse with clear water.

2- Eliminate limestone from WC :

It is often ignored, but Coca-Cola has, like white vinegar, a strong descaling and disinfecting power! The proof: pour one liter in the toilet bowl, leave it for an hour, brush and then flush the toilet. Tadam, your toilets are now all clean!

3 - Removes grease:

A DIY grease always ends up wreaking havoc on the floor of a garage or on a working blue. Do not bother to scrub the stain, treat yourself to a soda break instead.

Open a can of Coke.
Pour on the stain.
Wash the soil.

4 - Against blood stains:

Mix Coke and product to clean the laundry or special for stains, use a toothbrush to scrub the blood stain before putting in the machine.
Against felt stains:
Soak the coca stain and leave for a few minutes before cleaning with soapy water.

5- On the bumper of your car:

Pour the coca on the bumper and rub gently with a sponge.
To remove mosquitoes .
This will also allow you to easily remove mosquitoes that have crashed on your car.

6- Remove traces of burnt food and dirt encrusted with this drink:

Put it in the pan or saucepan and let the acid contained in the drink act for 30min. You can also use it on your kettles.

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